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Bay of Quinte Boat Launches

Welcome to the Bay of Quinte Region Boat launches. The Bay of Quinte has many boat launches located throughout the region and whose locations are marked for you on the google map shown below. The quality of launches varies greatly from site to site. Many are paved, have docks and parking such as the launches located in Picton Harbour, Deseronto, Belleville and Trenton town launches. These sites are fee based and prices are different at each site. Along with these larger launch sites there are a number of smaller launches off the beaten path. These launches are generally gravel and some have docks and usually limited parking with drop boxes to pay fees. Additionally there are a number of private launches at the various camping and cottage rental resorts which usually charge for launching and parking. If you plan to launch at one of the private sites please call ahead to arrange permission.
A word about launching etiquette. Dont be the Angler that backs their boat part way down the ramp then stops gets out of the tow vehicle and then starts to prepare their boat to launch. This leaves the ramp tied up and others in line waiting for you. The best plan is to put the plug in the boat, unstrap tie downs and straps, get out ropes and bumpers ahead of time, placing equipment, life jackets and the things you need from the tow vehicle,in the boat while in the parking lot prior to backing down the ramp.
The Bay of Quinte is a four season fishery and many of us use ramps right up to ice up. In these cold weather times a bit of advanced preparation can save the day. Cold weather brings ice and snow as evidenced in the picture of Picton Harbour, so bring a shovel, road salt and an ice spud. The last thing to bring and perhaps the most important is a set of booster cables. The cold weather is hard on batteries and chances are if your boat battery is weak it will need a boost. Pack the booster cables in your boat not tow vehicle as if you need a boost on the water chances are you might be able to flag another boat for assistance. Make sure you get a long set of cables to ensure they can reach. Good luck, be safe and wear your lifejackets.

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