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Make Your Own Dual Planer Boards

Last season Quinte saw a boom in the number of anglers using Planer Boards with the AQuinte Fishing Series@ tournaments. It was expected, as anglers adjusted to zebra mussel cleaned water. Yet there were still many others, for whatever reason, reluctant to give planer boards a try.  Those of you who haven=t tried planer boards here=s a set of plans you can use to build your own set of boards.

A couple of suggestions not covered in the plans. The first is to add a flag to your boards. Quinte is narrow in spots and adding a highly visible flag will give others on the water time to manoeuvre clear of your board. The second suggestion is about paint, choose paint with hardener and a high gloss finish then apply several coats to your boards. This will not only give the boards a professional look but also a shine, which will aid the visibility. Enjoy your new boards and the sense of accomplishment that will accompany your first planer board fish!


Materials Per Board



1" x 6" x 28" Redwood


12" x 1/4" Threaded rod


12" x 5/16" Threaded Rod


1/4" x 6" Eye Bolt


1/4" Washers


1/4" Nuts


5/16" Washers


5/16" Nuts


In addition to the materials above, one will need a hand saw, wood rasp to form the 30 degree angle on the face of the boards, a 1/4" and 5/16" wrench, wood sealant, highly visible paint( international Orange or white are good choices).

When assembling the boards, keep these three points in mind: Cut or rasp the 30 degree angle on the front of each planer; the bottom 5/16 inch rod strengthens the board and acts as the keel; reverse the pattern to make the starboard planer.

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