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Last issue we published an article on making your own planer boards and now that you have made them the next thing you need are "release-clips".  The clips featured bellow are very functional, inexpensive and easy to make.  All the materials can be purchased at Canadian Tire for about $20 bucks and for that you can make 2 dozen clips.  The materials needed are; bag of clothes pins, package of "assorted gasket material", a glue called "GOOP" (I've used ABS cement but have found the GOOP works better), a package of shower curtain hooks and scissors.

wpe7.jpg (18808 bytes)

wpe2.jpg (3337 bytes) Cut the rubber gasket material into small circles the same size and shape as the tip of the clothes pin.
wpe3.jpg (5393 bytes) Apply "GOOP" to one side of pad.
wpe4.jpg (4490 bytes) Insert glue covered pad into clothes pin and allow to dry before applying second pad.
wpe5.jpg (7408 bytes) After pad is dry and secure touch up the edges with glue.
wpe6.jpg (4588 bytes) Now that both pads and glue are dry add the shower curtain hook and you're done!