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What should a hunter look for when hiring an outfitter?

Do not be afraid to ask questions.

First thing to look for is how happy past clients are with the business?

That can be easily found out by past references by unsuccessful clients. Ask around on the internet if anybody has used the Outfitter.

The next thing you should ask is how much of the business is return clients?

A good Outfitter has a high return rate of return clients leaving only a few places for booking new clients each year. An outfitting business with a low return client percentage probably has major problems.

The third question should be how long the outfit has been in business?

This is important because the longer a business has been around the better the chance they are a good Outfitter.

The following Outfitters meet the criteria and should make for a great memory.

Fish Finder Charters Merland Park on Picton Bay West Lake Willows Outfitting Service